What Is Mashup, What Does It Do?

With technological innovations, our business process is now more efficient than ever. Reducing workload and integrating innovation into the platforms, applications and programs are what take businesses one step ahead of their competitors.

With one of our most popular services Q-Mash and Mashup, we bring convenience to your business by providing you with a business intelligence applications display from different sources in a single graphical interface. Business intelligence applications are preferred to follow business operations systematically.

For this purpose, we developed Mashup Q-Mash. So, what are Mashup and Q-Mash?

What Is Mashup?

Mashup is an application or website that creates a single graphical interface display for managing the data obtained from different sources. In short, it is a Custom Front End Design.

Thanks to Mashup, you can collect diverse information on a single platform and analyze them in detail on a single page. The interface of Mashup is clear and efficient so you don’t time to figure it out. It is also possible for you to visualize the information obtained with the Mashup.

What Is Qlik Sense Mashup, What Does It Do?

Qlik Sense Mashup is an improved version of Mashup technology that you can use when Qlik Sense Dashboard doesn’t meet your needs. For example, you can combine data from different sources on a single interface, analyze and make changes to this obtained data with Qlik Sense. Its user-friendly graphical interface offers you a smooth process while operating on the platform.

One of the most unique elements of Qlik Sense Mashup is Dashboard Reporting. In cases where there are complex calculations and transactions, you can group the data and get simpler visuals by using the Dashboard Reporting service. While Qlik Sense Mashup allows you to create a visual feast, it also prevents you from wasting your time. In short, with Qlik Sense Mashup you can take advantage of Qlik Sense data and calculations and speed up the workflow.

As BIApps, we aim to provide you with the best service. Follow us to learn more about Qlik Sense Mashup and take advantage of our current services.

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