BIApps offers implementation, consulting and managed services for analytics, executed on Qlik Visual Analytics Platform to help enterprises to become data driven organizations in their digital transformation journey. Our highly skilled consultants with both technical and business expertise will help you to have end-to-end BI & Analytics solutions to gain insight and make the right and timely decisions in your organization. Our experts’ best practices from hundreds of projects including large implementation such as 10.000 users let our customers get very high ROI for their BI & Analytics projects. We offer our customers to get the best resources in every step of an implementation such as creating highly usable dashboards, integration, customization, mashup development and establishing a security framework.

We believe that choosing the right technology, having the best practices on technical implementations, business know-how and domain specific expertises are the main components of successful BI & Analytics Projects to address the needs of an enterprise. By having all such components, BIApps enables the organizations maximize the value of Qlik Visual Analytics Platform to transform your data into actionable insights.

BIApps Asset Based Services

Asset based services are the tools, frameworks and applications that enable organizations accelarate the implementation of Qlik Sense and mashup applications including mobile interfaces. These assets can be used for faster production cycles and easier management of service capabilities and performance. BIApps have packaged applications to accelarate the development of Qlik Sense Mashup Analytics and Mobile Deployments. By using these assets, we augment our consultants and resources to help the customers improve time to have solutions and accuracy of the business outcomes.


Although we offer our customers to have our asset-based services, our customers still need qualified resources to develop Qlik Sense Applications and maintain the platform. There’s still a big talent gap challenging organizations for their BI & Analytics needs. BIApps have very experienced and talented resources who have participated in hundreds of projects including very large implementations up to 10.000 users in many different sectors such as banking, insurance, telecom, retail and pharma. Our Qlik Sense Competency Center (QSCC) consists of highly skilled professionals in BI & Analytics sector and proactively transfer knowledge and best practices to all employees in our organization.

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