Qlik Sense Data Modeling Services

In today’s world, one of the biggest problems of any organization is the “time”. Loosing time, being slow, decisions not made on time are some of the biggest hidden costs of enterprises. The organizations has to be more agile compared to the past and there are now many project management activities and business process optimizations in organizations to increase their agility so that they can still provide their profitable continuity in the very competitive landscape. To increase the agility supported with the efficient decision making cycles, organizations have been trying to transform themselves. In such a transformation period, companies have also been trying to produce more with less resources.

The goal of establishing a BI & Analytics platform is to publish the right data and make it accessible to business users to make business discovery and exploration and share their insights with the relevant people. To achieve this goal, the relevant data need to be read, summarized, transformed, organized and optimized in such a structure that business users can easily do discovery and analysis in an easy and fast way.

Qlik Sense Data Modeling

Qlik Sense Data Modeling

Qlik Sense Visual Analytics Platform lets business users reach all the subject oriented datasets instantaneously, and can do business discovery with patented associative analysis technology. At the core of a Qlik Sense application is associative data model optimized for query performance. The business users finds this well designed associative model intuitive because it’s a reflection of how the users think about their business.

BIApps talented and experienced consultants can help you to create the best models optimized for a specific business purpose. Our expertise in different domains such as CRM, HR, Finance, Sales & Marketing, Purchasing etc. whether you are in banking, telecom, insurance, retail or e-commerce sectors.

  • BIApps consultants will start to understand your business process and what kind of data is required to manage this process. In the technical workshops we’ll identify which data sources are needed to have a holistic view of your business process
  • To have an efficient business discovery process, you need to know the facts, KPIs and the dimensions that you make analysis. Our consultants plays a proactive role to extract these requirements with different business departments.
  • Once such information is available, we work on the most optimized model and transform the source data to make it available to Qlik Sense Associative engine. Once all the ETL Scripts are written bringing data from different datasources into a single Qlik Sense Data Model, the tasks are also scheduled to provide an automated process to manage the whole cycle.

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