Qlik Sense Health Check Services

Today, enterprise applications’ health is very critical to organizations that would like to have a stable platform reached by business users to manage efficiently. However, no single enterprise application can run forever, without any issues. Organizations, sooner or later encounter with unexpected problems on an enterprise application such as failure to start or to function. By using regular health check services, enterprises can detect the issues before they cause application or service downtime so that the corrective actions can be taken. With health check services, IT can identify the inefficiencies in the systems, applications and take the right actions to maintain them in the lifecycle of services used across the organization.

Qlik Sense Healthcheck Services

Qlik Sense Healthcheck Services

By offering Qlik Sense Health Check Services, BIApps offers you to identify the inefficiencies in Qlik Sense Platform and Qlik Applications to help your BI & Analytics processes run better. Qlik Sense Health Monitoring is the most essential component of this offering. Qlik Sense Health monitoring is the practice of the outputs of the platform based on the logs and traces in order to watch how the system is performing. Such monitoring is done in a Qlik Sense Application. By using the Qlik Sense visualizations system admins can quickly digest information and see exactly where the problems are arising and take right actions as soon as the problems start. Once monitored promptly, the right parameters are defined and configured across the BI & Analytics platform and we ensure that the system is performing the way it’s expected to.

  • Qlik Sense Health Check Services is an asset based offering to enterprise customers. Our experts uses custom developed Health Check Monitoring application to collect the right information about the system such as CPU Usage, memory consumption, number of concurrent users and Qlik Sens Apps usage, etc.
  • As part of this service offering, our experts identify the delays in system response and the main reasons why it’s happening. Such identifications will show where the lags are in performance and how it can be improved.
  • In a typical BI & Analytics implementation the daily, weekly and monthly traffic can change depending on the rate of the requests and required discoveries in a specific time period. Our specialized consultants will help you understand when you are getting the most traffic and prioritize the tasks to improve the scalability of the Qlik Sense Platform.

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