Qlik Sense UI/UX Services

To use strategic information in a fast, effective and actionable way, BI & Analytics platforms should be adopted by the real business users and the outputs should be easy, visual, interactive enough to be used by any business user without deep technical expertise. Reaching information in an easy, visual, interactive, proactive, self-service way is one of the biggest expectations in a typical implementation. It should also be noted that BI & Analytics solutions are not for IT but for business people that combines all the processes, methodologies, technologies, approaches and tools to reach, analyze, share information, monitor the enterprise performance and take actions, in one single platform. This means that whatever you do in data modeling process, if the business users are not using the system then your BI & Analytics project is a failure.

In such a challenging BI & Analytics world, UI/UX (User Interface/User Experience) design have a key role to engage the users to unleash the potential of their analytics implementations. UX is a user-centric discipline to discover the users’ needs of data visualizations, the way how they interact with those visualizations and shaping the analytics applications to meet those needs. On the other hand, UI deals mainly with the visual elements such as colors, fonts, the positions of specific objects, etc.

Qlik Sense UI & UX

Qlik Sense UI & UX

Typically, all the information in a Qlik Sense application is displayed in visual and interactive components to let users do business discovery and gain insights in their decision making process. The presentation style and interactivity of information in a Qlik Sense Application has a direct impact on the usability. That means better user interface and user experience designs will increase the user engagement and this will lead to better decision-making process with better results.

By offering Qlik Sense UI/UX Services, BIApps experienced and talented consultants simplify the technology to make information to be accessible to users in easy, visual, interactive and guided way. We bring an enjoyable, attractive user experience together with business value in Qlik Sense applications to get the most value out of information.

  • BIApps UI/UX experts, listen to the users carefully and works on the best user interface fitting company standards, users’ needs and the way how they interact with information.
  • Our UI/UX experts create visually stunning applications that business users can communicate information easily and quickly. Our designs are rich and intuitive while we make sure that the dashboards we develop are not cluttered too much.
  • We manage all the process from prototyping and creating the standards to have visually consistent applications to classifying different types of dashboard to make sure that the Qlik Sense Applications are effective and extensively used across the organization.

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