Qlik Sense Mashup Analytics Services

Qlik Sense Mashup is a web application with visual and interactive representation of disparate data sources that uses Qlik Sense objects from one or more Qlik Sense Apps. In such a mashup application, Qlik Sense visualizations are combined within a web page by using Qlik Sense API while still using Qlik associative funcitonality. It lets the business users explore data, ask new questions and gain actionable insights to make right decisions in an integrated, powerful and unified picture for a specific business purpose, Today,most of the dashboards represent data from a single database. Thanks to Qlik’s powerful architecture, a typical Qlik Sense application can consist of data from different data sources and these data sources can be combined and analyzed using data and visual objects from one or more Qlik Sense applications. By this way, business users can have more efficient and effective way to reach insights in remaining competitive, working more efficiently and managing their business processes.

Qlik Sense Mashup Analytics

Qlik Sense Mashup Analytics

A Qlik Sense Mashup Analytics Application also helps BI & Analytics usage to spread to a wider and deeper range of business users. Embedding analytical charts and graphs from heterogenous data sources into a mashup application increases the accessibility of business intelligence to non technical users across organizations. By this way, the users are empowered to repurpose the information blocks and use new data in their analysis in such a way that have not been anticipated previously.

  • BIApps Q-Mash Development Framework gives developers an intuitive, user friendly interface to create mashup applications by dragging and dropping Qlik’s visual information blocks. Our customization and integration experts uses this platform to create mashup applications much faster and cost effective with less resources.
  • BIApps mashup experts offers organizations custom web-based solutions, by using Qlik Platform APIs. We design and develop mashup applications integrated to organizations’ security system in platform, application and data levels.
  • As part of Qlik Sense Mashup Analytics Services, we increase the usability of the system by using advanced visualizations and custom designs with unique user experience for your organization.

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